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Twelfth Annual Copyright Conference: Forbidden ©opyright Planet

Wednesday, April 22 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM EST

Ball State University Alumni Center


The Ball State University Libraries’ conference is pleased to offer the only annual intellectual property conference in the Midwest, and it is the only Copyright Conference in the United States that addresses both academic and K-12 intellectual property needs concurrently.

The Copyright Conference is also unique in the United States in that the registration fee is not in the multiple hundreds of dollars but is only $90.

The Twelfth Annual Copyright Conference at Ball State is a key resource for answers to questions engendered by the complexities of our intellectual property for Digital Citizens in a multivalent Digital Age.

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 4/17/15

DPI presents the  ‘What’s Hot’ list for the week! FCC net neutrality rules published to Federal Register (ITWorld Blog, 4/12/15) The new net neutrality rule of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission was published over the weekend to the

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The Digital Daily Dozen for April 16, 2015. Here’s Big Cable’s plan to stop the FCC’s net neutrality rules (Vox) The groups won’t be required to spell out their legal arguments until later in the legal process. But

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 4/10/15 FCC collects millions in fines over 911 outage (The Hill’s Technology Policy Blog, 4/6/15) The Federal Communications Commission is continuing to collect fines from phone companies stemming from a 2014 outage that left

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The Digital Daily Dozen: 4/10/15 YouTube’s ad-free subscription could boost revenue 15%, analyst says (National Journal) An analyst says YouTube’s plan to give viewers the option to skip ads for a monthly fee could lift revenue 15% or more.

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 4/03/15 Tennessee Fights For Its Right To Squash Municipal Broadband Expansion (Arstechnica, 3/24/15) The State of Tennessee is fighting for its right to enforce a law that prevents municipal broadband networks from providing Internet service to

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 3/27/15 For First Time in 7 Years, FCC Fines TV Station for Nudity (National Journal’s Tech Blog, 3/23/15) A Roanoke, Virginia, station accidentally aired a brief pornographic video clip during its evening newscast on

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 3/20/15 NAB to FCC: Limit Online Filing Complaints (Broadcasting & Cable Blog, 3/16/15) The National Association of Broadcasters is asking the FCC to at least look into limiting its public file complaint process to

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DPI Webinar: “Preemption, Policy and Politics” February 25, 2015 On the eve of the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) February 2015 Open Commission Meeting, the Digital Policy Institute hosted a webinar entitled, “Preemption, Policy and Politics.” The webinar

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 3/13/15 F.C.C. Sets Net Neutrality Rules (New York Times, Rebecca Ruiz) The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday released extensive details of how it would regulate broadband Internet providers as a public utility, producing official wording that almost certainly

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‘What’s Hot’ List: 2/27/15 FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules, Setting Stage For Legal Battle (Wall Street Journal 2/26/15)  The Federal Communications Commission set aside two decades of laissez-faire policy Thursday to assert broad authority over the Internet,