Digital Policy Institute Webinar 11/16/16:

Disruption and Competition in the Consumer Video Market

Press Release:

The richest man in China has just made a bid to buy Don Clark Productions, reaffirming the adage that 'content is king.' Cable looks like it's finally going to experience head-on competition in more markets across the country if regulators approve AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner. Putting premium content onto more screens and mobile devices is clearly where the video business is heading. But what does it all mean for consumers? Will they begin to experience never-before-possible content enhancements like virtual reality on mobile? What comes of the burgeoning market for over-the-top content? When will mobile platforms become the primary means for consumer video consumption? And how should we evaluate competition as multiple industries converge?

Moderator: Barry Umansky. Barry is a Senior Fellow and Senior Policy Counsel at the Digital Policy Institute and Professor of Telecommunications at Ball State University

Panelists Include:

    Morgan Reed,--Executive Director of ACT | The App Association in Washington, DC.
  • Brent Skorup -- Research Fellow in the Technology Policy Program of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Arlington, VA.
  • Nicol Turner-Lee-- Fellow at the Center for Technology Innovation in the Governance Studies Program at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC
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Digital Daily Dozen 2/17/17

The FCC wants you to be able to listen to FM radio from your smartphone Chairman Ajit Pai wades into a long-running debate between broadcasters and wireless companies.  –The Washington Post   FCC’s Pai on Broadcast TV:

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Facebook is taking on LinkedIn by letting businesses post job listings Starting Friday, US businesses on Facebook will be able to post open job listings natively to their pages and in the News Feed.  –Business Insider  

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FCC Testing New Network Outage Reporting System Cable, satellite, wireline and wireless voice providers, and paging services who must file reports of significant network disruptions to the FCC will need to file to the 2.0 Network Outage

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Oracle has filed an appeal in its copyright lawsuit against Google Oracle has appealed a May ruling that favored Google’s use of software that Oracle claimed did not fall under fair use.  –Recode   BBC Worldwide Joins

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OTA Broadcasting: Let Stations Under Repack Hood OTA Broadcasting—which was formed in 2011 by computer pioneer Michael Dell to buy up stations presumably to offer up in the FCC spectrum auction so the spectrum could be repurposed

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Pai Starts Rolling Back Wheeler Media, Telecom Items Under new Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC has begun rescinding decisions made in the waning days of Tom Wheeler’s Chairmanship (and one older decision). The flurry of action involving

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In filing, 97 tech companies oppose Trump’s immigration ban Expressing their discontent over President Trump’s executive order on immigration, 97 tech companies — including giants Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook — filed a joint court brief Sunday

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The road ahead for technology-related trade agreement terms President Trump’s recent presidential memorandum marking the exit of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) multilateral trade agreement augurs a brave new world on the international trade

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FCC’s Pai Proposes ATSC 3.0 Rollout New FCC chairman Ajit Pai signaled Thursday that he wants broadcasters to be able to start working on tomorrow’s TV today.  –B&C   You can watch the Super Bowl in VR,

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Facebook changes feed to promote posts that aren’t fake, sensational, or spam Facebook is prioritizing “authentic” content in News Feed with a ranking algorithm change that detects and promotes content “that people consider genuine, and not misleading,